‘The Italian Stallion’ hosts Fitness 101 class

Fitness: Aqua workouts

While deployed, I was introduced to functional fitness-style workouts. Functional fitness exercises are those that better prepare you for everyday life. Every day you push, pull, drag, carry, or somehow move objects that need to be moved. The aforementioned “Rocky IV” pre-fight workout would be a perfect example of a functional fitness-style workout. After four months in the desert I dropped the 30 pounds and completed my first half marathon.
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PT commentary

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7 Pieces Of Fitness Advice We Actually Want To Follow

Handschuh/News Parkour, or ‘free running,’ is moving from outdoor urban spaces to indoor gyms. Indo-Row: The rowing machine, often considered retro and dull, is making a comeback in the most surprising fashion: the group fitness class. Indo-Row lets you work in teams to work every muscle in your body — not just the upper body — which gets your heart pumping but without risks to your joints. What’s more, a 50-minute class can burn as much as 1,200 calories, about twice as many as spinning. RELATED: BOOT CAMP-STYLE FITNESS CLASSES AIM TO WHIP RESIDENTS INTO SHAPE PaddleFitness: Still building momentum this year are indoor classes that simulate surfing or paddleboarding workouts.
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Tabata, indoor rowing and parkour are group fitness trends on the rise

If you hate running or swimming or barre class or yoga, stop doing it! Shop around until you find something you truly enjoy, whether it’s CrossFit or Zumba or Pilates or softball or gardening , and then make it a habit. Stop Doing Crunches Let’s settle this one once and for all: Crunches is not the path to six-pack abs. Research shows that we cannot spot reduce fat in the precise areas we’d like to (in this case, the stomach), no matter how many thousands of crunches we do. Not to mention, crunches are unnecessarily taxing on the spine .
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